about ledges


LEDGES is made up of Akron natives Andy Hoffman, Matt Gregory, Alex Hoffman, and Cory Heddleston. Building off of their self-produced EP The Indian Summer, the band has held onto their Indie Roots and combined it with 80s pop production to create their debut full length record Homecoming. Gritty yet smooth, filled with big moments and quiet reflections, the album is the brutally honest story of a journey through Faith, Doubt, Love, Loss, and Redemption. The members of the band bring the same emotion captured in the album to every live performance.

Substream Magazine had this to say about LEDGES:

"What is it the makes an artist or group stand out from the countless others competing for our attention at any given moment? The answer may be different for everyone, but in my mind it always comes back to where the talent in question sources their material. When musicians find way to tap into the purest of human emotion and translate that feeling into a song it’s as if you’ve witnessed the most elaborate of magic tricks. For a few minutes you are able to feel more connected to the world at large because someone, or some group, has shared an experience or moment or emotion that you have felt as well. This is the kind of art the members of Ledges aspired to create with each release, and they have certainly achieved that goal with their debut album."